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Oct 2, 2009

Site Information Tool Now Shows Top Ranking Keywords For Domain

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Site Information Tool, a free online tool used by many webmasters worldwide to estimate rankings of websites, is more comprehensive now. In partnership with SEMRush we are proud to present you the new data section called "Top ranking keywords on Google for this domain".

Among other parameters, available before, such as whois, Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Compete.com rank, Quantcast rank, Technorati rank, linking information, page data, server response headers, now you can view a list of top 10 performing keywords for the given domain. In addition to keywords and their positions in Google this list also includes estimated Cost Per Click (CPC) in Google AdWords (from Google Traffic Estimator) and average volume of searches for each keyword per month (from Google AdWords keyword tool).

Also there is a new "Competitors" section that lists top 10 competing sites in organic search. This is a list of sites that rank for many of the same keywords that your site ranks for.

Check it out and have fun!: Site Information Tool. Firefox and Internet Explorer companion browser extensions are also available.

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