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Jun 4, 2013

Why You Don't Need To Remove or Disavow Links From Site Information Tool

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You don't need to remove or disavow links from Site Information Tool because they can't hurt your site's rankings in any way, this is why:

All external links on the Site Information Tool pages are already nofollow, you could check it yourself in the HTML source. Nofollow links doesn't affect your site rankings and pagerank and Google doesn't penalize you for them.

So if you use some kind of backlink tool which reports that links from Site Information Tool could lead your site to Google Penguin penalty, your tool is totally wrong because it takes into account links which it doesn't have to: the "nofollow" links.

Site Information Tool is an automatic tool which gathers information about URL submitted by user from many different sources. It is not possible to filter output hiding one links while showing others. All information it shows is a real-time and may be regenerated and be different on the every new user input.

Here are some interesting articles with additional information on "disavow tool" and "nofollow" attribute you may want to read:

P.S. Interesting quote from the one of the sources listed above: "If you did not spam Google, there's no need to use the disavow links tool. Using the tool is a confirmation that you spammed Google in the past and that you know it."

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