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Feb 18, 2006

Centre Aligning a Block Element

Learn how to have a fixed width layout website, and the content floated in the middle of the screen, with pre IE 6 compatability.
Feb 18, 2006

Image replacement technique

It's always advisable to use regular HTML markup to display text, as opposed to an image. Doing so allows for a faster download speed and has accessibility benefits. However, if you've absolutely got your heart set on using a certain font and your site visitors are unlikely to have that font on their computers, then really you've got no choice but to use an image.
Feb 14, 2006

CSS and round corners: Boxes with curves

One of the main reasons for having to use images on any web page is to create curves and round corners. It's currently impossible to create any kind of curved shapes using just HTML, so images need to be used. Putting these images into the HTML document with a table layout can create a large amount of superfluous code. Using the power of CSS we'll create the following box with round corners, without an <img> tag in sight.
Feb 2, 2006

CSS font shorthand rule

Learn how to shorten those CSS font rules.
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Jan 11, 2006

Moving from Tables to CSS

Learn how to migrate your existing sites from tables to CSS, and how to start including more CSS based design into your workflow. Why? Because I still think many people find learning to build CSS layout sites from scratch difficult. There's a steep learning curve associated with CSS design, much more so than tables, and getting consistent results across different browsers is tricky, even for the more experienced.
Source: Moving from Tables to CSS   Tags: CSS HTML
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