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Oct 18, 2010
Joseph Park

13 Great PPC Tips

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PPC advertising is one of the toughest, most time consuming marketing strategies to master that you'll ever encounter. It's also one of the most effective, so if you're putting it off or have already written it off, here are some valuable tips to getting in there and making some serious profits.

  1. Use All Three Match Types

    With AdWords, you can use broad, phrase, or exact matches for your keywords. Most people have a particular favourite and then ignore the rest. I recommend you use all three in different ad groups.

    Not only does it increase your impressions, it provides new sets of data that can help you improve your overall PPC performance.

  2. Use Singular and Plural Keywords

    Whenever bidding on a keyword that can be made into a plural, do it. The same can be said for anything with an acronym, abbreviation, alternate spelling, hyphenation, or location specific additions.

    Simple variations can help create most of your longtails, boosting your impressions many times over.

  3. Use Negative Keywords

    Don't just use negative keywords in your campaign, use specific negative keywords for each ad group.

    There are general negative keywords that all campaigns need - like reference words (about, definition, diagram, example), job hunting keywords (resume, recruiter, job, salary), education keywords (class, college, course, training), or bargain keywords (cheap, closeout, bargain, free, deal).

    Additionally, create specific negative keyword lists that match up with your particular ad groups.

  4. Separate Content and Search Campaigns

    Make sure to have different campaigns for your content and search keywords. This is important for maintaining quality score as well as effective data for your keywords since CTR is always lower for content network.

  5. Analyse Your Primary Audience

    The more you know about your audience, the more likely you'll be able to innovate and adjust your campaigns. Don't just know what phrases they like, know what they like as people.

  6. Opt Out of Search Partners When Necessary

    Search partners can be profitable at times, but if you find that your campaigns are not working there, remove them from the search partners.

  7. Focus on Your ROI

    While click through is important for quality scoring and impressions are important for reaching your goals, ROI is the ultimate piece of data. The higher your ROI, the better your campaign is performing.

  8. Watch Your Competitors

    Use tools like Traffic Travis to regularly analyse the performance of your competitors. Check to see who is competing for your keywords, what they are bidding on, and how many ads they have each day.

  9. Use Visitor Data

    Search query and visitor data should be used as often as possible to learn about your visitors and their search habits. This can help adjust which keywords you use and how effective they generally are.

  10. Use Complementary Keywords

    If you're selling a book on romance, you might have specific terms like "how to meet women“, but you might also have complementary keywords like ”gifts for women, chocolates, etc".

  11. Rotate Ads Regularly

    Whenever you change your landing page or your phrase listings, adjust your ads to rotate through. Ignore your CTR during new rotations so you can gain as much data as possible.

  12. Use Ad Scheduling Carefully and with Research

    Ad scheduling is useful, but only if you research properly before implementing it. Use your reports to analyse timing, check geographical ranges for effectiveness and don't over schedule.

  13. Don't Target Every Country

    Only focus on countries where people are affluent enough that they might purchase your product. This means they'll need a credit card and easy access to the Internet.

    Prime locations include the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. Be wary of India and the Philippines where English search is common, but buying is not.

    It's easy to waste a lot of money investing in traffic in countries where very little purchasing is likely to occur.

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