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Apr 2, 2010
Sue Cooper

18 Effective SEO Techniques

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Proper Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, has quickly become a popular topic of conversation amongst website owners and entrepreneurs. The difference between having a successful website, and hosting a flop, is often the difference between whether or not you've incorporated proper keywords and phrases into your webpages.

Learning proper SEO techniques can seem like a daunting task, especially to those who are not familiar with the concept. The following list offers 18 simple SEO techniques you should keep in mind when developing and marketing your website…

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Mar 24, 2010

Bing vs Google: The SEO Differences

With Microsoft and Yahoo combining their muscle in the search space, it is imperative that you do not ignore it in your search engine optimization efforts, especially since it will be the Bing search engine that works behind Yahoo search as well. There have been countless articles written online and in technology magazines comparing Bing to Google, but you need to know the differences between how these two search engines rank their pages so that you can optimize your web pages for both of these as well as Yahoo…

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Mar 1, 2010
James Harrison

16 Free Online Tools For Checking Backlinks

In order to rank #1 on major search engines such a Google, Yahoo! and Bing, a link builder needs to know the back link profiles of their competitors and industry allies. Having this kind of knowledge makes link building easier, more efficient and most all more effective.

The tools listed below will not only help you discover your competition's backlink profiles but will also provide ways to obtain relevant back links yourself…

Feb 19, 2010
Liza at Bang! Online Marketing

Five SEO Tactics That Don't Work

Rating: 3 stars
  1. I'll just stuff my business website full of keywords to get top rankings.
    Did you know that on-page optimisation is only a small part of SEO? The majority of ranking factors depend on off-page optimisation, mainly links. It doesn't matter how many keywords you manage to work into your site - without a strong link profile, your website won't see that great an improvement. In fact, placing too many keywords onto your website without any consideration for user experience can even get your website a search engine penalty.

  2. I'll comment on thousands of blogs to get links back to my business.…
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Feb 15, 2010
Kevin Getch

Google Buzz - How Will It Affect Local SEO?

Rating: 5 stars

Everyone's buzzing about the new social media launch from Google dubbed "Google Buzz". While millions of people are checking out the great new features it brings and new worlds of communication it has literally just opened up, all of us in the search engine optimization profession are asking, "How Will it Affect Local SEO?"

Let me first point out a few all but obvious strategic advantages Google Buzz has over its competition…

Feb 12, 2010
Cristian Lungu

Google PageRank is Not Exactly What You Expect It to Be

Rating: 4 stars

Understanding the PageRank mechanism will give you a key insight as to how webmasters can use the information to increase a web page's ranking in the Google search engine report pages. It is based on a unique set of algorithms that evaluate certain data about a web page, thus assessing that page's popularity and relevance. A more technical approach defines PageRank as being a link analysis algorithm.

But PageRank is more complex than meats the eye…

Feb 8, 2010
Rob Fenn

Guide to Listing on Dmoz

Dmoz is a human edited directory that has been running since 1998. It was created as a cooperative environment that would allow volunteer editors to keep up with the internet explosion. Way back, Yahoo used to be a directory - not a search engine - and Dmoz was an (eventually bigger) alternative to this. The only difference of course is that we are now well into the Google era of information at your fingertips. Dmoz on the other hand, is pretty much where it started..

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Jan 18, 2010

61 Tips To Get Massive Traffic For Your Blog

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  1. Submit your blog to directories in your niche.
  2. Submit your blog to all the free directory and search engines.
  3. Submit your site to free website review sites like Cool Site of the Day.
  4. Submit each and every post to social bookmarking sites using Onlywire.
  5. Submit your articles to article directories like Articles base and associated content (change the article 20% to 30%, so it wont be picked up by SE as a duplicate content)…
Jan 15, 2010
Debbie A. Everson

2010 SEO Checklist

2009 saw a lot of exciting changes and additions to the world of online marketing and search engine optimization. Some important events that took place were the launch of BING, announcement of Google Caffeine, the merger of Yahoo and Microsoft search. 2010 will see real time web emerging which will become more popular than the traditional methods of optimization.

Following is the list of pointers to get your website on top, reach out to potential customers and ensure brand visibility in 2010..

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Jan 15, 2010
Nikita Ivan

SEO Trends in 2010

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Online market is growing rapidly and it will continue to grow in much more better way in 2010. As all of us know, there is a huge contribution of search engines mainly of Google in online marketing. Websites which tops in Google ranking will undoubtedly get huge volume of visitors to the websites than the other sources. Only way to top the search engines is Search Engine Optimization.

It is likely to be a question in SEO expert's mind that it is reliable to continue with current SEO strategy in order to rule the search rankings or there will be some dramatic changes in Google's algorithm for improved search engine results..

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