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Mar 7, 2008
Taufik Hidayat

List of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

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What is bookmarks? These are our favorite pages that are stored in the browser's menu, to keep track of and visit again frequently. When you find nice website you may add it to favorite, so if you want to come again to the website you don't have to type website address again. Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox allow you to keep these links in menus and folders to organize your web browsing. Web developers often share these links with other users on their web sites. But the Web 2.0 transition brought a new phenomena known as "social bookmarking", where users and not just web masters can share their favorite links with others. Other visitors to the site can rate, vote on, or share their own links, as well as writing comments and other remarks about the sites or analysis involved. These kinds of web sites have become more and more popular over the last few years.

That's right!, if you have a lots of internet user bookmark your website you will gain popularity and free traffic for your website. There is lots of popular social bookmarking site on the web, the most popular is del.icio.us, Digg, Technorati and many more on the web. Social bookmarking also related to social networking sites such as mySpace and Facebook.

The thing to remember with these Social Bookmark sites is that it's not about how many sites you can throw up an article on every day. Writing a quality article which captivates people's interest will always get bumped to the top by users every day creating a passive stream of incoming traffic. Focus on providing readers valuable information such as how to do something and your story will become a cornerstone for incoming traffic for days, weeks and even months. Throw a 50 word article that provides the user nothing and I guarantee it will sink to the bottom and never be seen or read again.

Here is the list of high PR sites for bookmarking sorted by Google Page Rank:

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