4 Tips to Improve your AdSense revenue

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How many times have you seen an ad campaign running for “Google Adsense” that makes it sound so easy to make revenue by just copying and pasting their code onto your website? After all the research I have done on Google Adsense, I finally realized how it is not that easy just to copy and paste. There is much more beyond this that must be done in order to make Google Adsense revenue.


The following are techniques that must be implemented in order to really make money with Google Adsense:

  1. Design a website that is Google Adsense friendly. In other words, make sure that your website has much content that is keyword rich and make sure your keyword density is decent. Make sure that you are using the most beneficial keywords for your niche. Try to choose keywords that cost more for pay per click. For example, if a keyword such as “dog training” cost $2.00 per click to run an ad campaign, you can be well assured that you will make around half of that per click. By choosing the top competitive keywords, you will increase your Adsense revenue considerably. Once indexed, Google will then be able to know what correct ads to place on your website.
  2. Generate traffic to your website using a number of different techniques.
    EDIT 2020: The methods below are outdated and could not work well today.
    • Writing articles
      By writing articles at least once a week and submitting them to article directories such as Ezine. The more article directories that you submit to, the more back links you are creating for your website. You can pay for article directory submission, which can cost as little as $80 every quarter.
    • Search Engine Directory Submissions
      By submitting your website URL to search engine friendly directories, you are creating back links back to your website. Make sure that you only submit to search engine directories with a Google page rank of four or higher. You can pay around $11.00 per website to submit to 100 directories with a page rank of four or higher. Create ads: By publishing classified ads, you are advertising your website and creating back links back to your website. US Free Ads and Domestic Sale are two places that you can submit your ad to for free.
    Just remember: backlinks, backlinks, backlinks!
  3. Google Adsense ads can be published and designed in a wide variety of formats. When displaying your ads, decide upon a size that would be best suitable for your website. There are different sizes to choose from. There are also different fonts and colors you can use to create your ads. Try to use a color that blends in well with your website. Also, although borders can be used, many web publisher's state on forums and blogs, that once they removed their borders, they had more clicks on their ads.
  4. When displaying ads on your website, it is best to place them in a place where visitors can review them. One good place to display your ads is somewhere at the top of your website. A lot of web publishers use the top left corner for displaying Google Adsense. However, when you go to a website, what is one of the first things you look at? Could it be how the website is navigated by its menu? That is why another great place to display your ads could be near the navigation menu.

Earning revenue with Google Adsense takes time, patience, and trial and error. The more you read about how Adsense works for others, the more you will understand how it will work for you.

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