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We are happy to announce HTML Analyzer — a new tool in our webmaster tools lineup. This is the new type of tool to analyze a web page HTML statistics. You can explore your own or competitors' pages from a different angle, getting information about top HTML tags by usage, by total size and by number of attributes, and view individual HTML tag details.


Let's examine the HTML Analyzer results for the webpage and see that it shows about tags on this page.

Page Information

Basic page info

Here you can see the basic information about the page:

  • Page <title>.
  • Doctype. The (X)HTML Doctype as it's specified in the document.
  • Language. Language as it's specified in the document.
  • Size. The size of the uncompressed web page.
  • Text to Code ratio. The Text to Code ratio refers to the amount of plain text on a web page compared to the amount of HTML code on that page.
  • HTML tag count. Overall tag count in the document.
  • Unique tag count.
  • Attribute count. Overall attribute count used in the document.
  • Unique attribute count. Overall attribute count used in the document.

Top HTML tags by usage

This section lists the most used HTML tags from the page, ordered by usage count. Can be useful for optimizing your page structure.

Top tags by usage

Top HTML tags by total size

Lists HTML tags that occupy the most space. Can be useful in optimizing your server bandwidth.

Top tags by size

Top HTML tags by number of attributes

Shows the most "attributed" HTML tags.

Top tags by number of attributes

Top HTML attributes by usage

Allows to explore the most used HTML attributes.

Top attributes

All tags and attributes

Here you can view the breakdown of all HTML tags found in document in alphabetical order along with their attributes ordered by usage count. Below is the information about <a> tag from the page:

Tag info

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