10 Free Resources to Get Icons for a Design Project

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Icons make your site aesthetically more interesting and can be used as a name, face, picture, edifice or even as a person. It represents a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing its main purpose or objective. But the question arises here is that from where to n get these icons for any freelance design projects. There are a number of tools and resources available which provide free icons and can be customized as per the requirement.


Here is a list of free resources to get icons in all kinds of styles and sizes.

  1. Icon Finder -This resource helps in searching and then extracting icon resources in separate files. It doesn't require any installer since the only executable file makes use of a standard system API calls. A designer can easily download icons in two different formats, namely PNG and ICO, and can be used like a favicon icon.
  2. Iconlet - A unique search engine that helps in finding attractive images and icons. It is easy to find images for a design project by just typing the name of an image or icon and selecting the best one from the list. On the mouse hover a user can get complete details about the icon or the image including the size, the graphic format, the file size, the author and the license.
  3. Bestfreeicons - Another great resource that offers more than 20,000 high quality Free icons. This offers a varied range of categories such as 3D Icons, business, sci-fi, media, technology etc. to get icons. The icons can be downloaded for personal use and also provide an opportunity to budding designers to post their own icons on the website.
  4. Iconator - This resource allows a freelance designer to browse through and download over 700,000 high quality free icons, 360,000 avatars and 10,500. A list of categories can help a designer in choosing icons as per his choice along with the most downloaded, the top 10, or the icons, avatars and wallpapers of each day.
  5. Iconpaper - This is a good icon finding tool for Mac and iphone users. It also provides a variety of icons for any design requirement. Freelance designers can easily find by application, category or color and it also check the release, its categories, and author. Rating and comment on icons is also one of the good features of this website.
  6. Jumsoft - Another tool to get free cliparts/icons and free keynote templates for a design project. It also provides unique and high quality icons for designing purposes. The icons offered by this website can be used for presentations, invitations, Web pages, posters, newsletters, and more.
  7. Iconspedia - This is a community driven icon finding resource for designers. It offers icons across multiple categories and sub categories that can be downloaded individually or altogether for Mac, Linux or Windows. All icons have their licenses listed and are free to download.
  8. Icons Etc - This is a free stock icon and clipart graphics resources website. It offers 115,963 free icons and clipart stock images for web design, application design, graphic design, and many other purposes. You can search and download popular, recent and premium icons. All icons and images are free for personal and commercial use.
  9. Iconpot - It offers a list of web development icons that be used for both free and personal commercial. It also has a huge database of icons in varied categories. A designer is free to use icons he whatever way he wants to.
  10. Iconza - Another great tool to find royalty free icons for design project. It has a huge collection of free icons that can be colored and reduced in size as per your requirement. It lets a user to customize icons as per his requirements.

Hope this article would help in finding icons for a design project. Please let us know your feedback and suggestions on the same.

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