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As every good website design specialist knows, a well designed web page is able to draw the focus of readers to the content, news and events that the client you are designing the page for specifies. Of the many methods that can be used to accomplish this, often the easiest and simplest method is to simply modify the size of headline font. Using a moderately larger font to highlight headlines is very useful for attracting the attention of readers. Newspaper and media companies understand this concept well, and a great web design company should too.


Using Typography to Capture Attention

Most website design specialists should be familiar with the idea of changing different aspects of the font used on a website in order to capture the attention of readers. It is important to note, however, that this does not mean making headlines as large as possible. There are some general guidelines concerning typography that every web design company should know and adhere to. Some of the more important ones are as follows:

  1. Only emphasize the most important content. Having large fonts throughout the site makes it unattractive and will not successfully engage readers. A good web design company understands that only headlines that are of particular interest to customers should be highlighted. You should only highlight headlines that will make readers read the rest of the text because they really want to know more. You should also keep the font size at an acceptable level. Ridiculously huge font sizes are not attractive to readers at all.
  2. Larger is a relative term. Having a headline with larger font means making the font larger than that used for the rest of the text. Make sure the headline font is not too much bigger than the normal text, because that would look ridiculous. Having a huge headline but text that a reader has to squint at to read is not likely to attract any positive attention.
  3. Determine beforehand what font sizes to use and when. A good web design specialist gets the client to decide which headlines and titles should be highlighted through an increase in font size and also exactly what font size to use. You can then follow this standard throughout the duration of the project. Your web design company will benefit from this agreement, because it will allow you to properly refuse any last-minute requests from clients to change the font size of particular headlines or titles.

    Font size is not the only aspect of fonts that can be varied in order to increase readership of the web page that you are designing. Changing other aspects of the font you use can also be effective. You can switch between fonts from the same family in order to highlight certain points or content. For example, using the font Sans-Serif for most of the page and using Serif, which is more striking, to highlight more important content. Other properties of fonts that can be varied are color, weight and style. Bold or italicized font is also attention-grabbing.

    Fonts are not the only option to consider when trying to make parts of your website stand out and capture the attention of online readers. Modifying other aspects of the site can also prove useful in attempting to improve readership.
  4. One word - pictures. Pictures are a universal form of communication and they are very effective at making your web page more interesting, holding the attention of readers longer.
  5. Use different templates. Changing the way content, links and menus are arranged is a good way to keep readers interested in your site, instead of letting them become bored with a repetitive design.
  6. Make use of animations. If a picture says a thousand words, then a moving picture says a million of them. Your web design company or your client may request that the site you make contain animations, which are even better than pictures at grabbing the attention of visitors to the site. Remember that animations take longer to load than normal web pages, however, and heavily animated web sites may take longer to load than the reader is willing to spend waiting.

By using the techniques that have been laid out in this article, capturing the attention of readers may seem like a relatively easy task. A good web design specialist must remember, however, not to overdo it. While it is all too easy to fill your website with all manner of colourful, oversized text, you must remember that the aim is to make certain points stand out. Also, you must learn to use your judgement in deciding the magnitude of emphasis awarded to different types of content. A sale definitely does not merit as much emphasis as a global conflict. Therefore it is in your best interests, and those of your web design company,to ensure that emphasis is given in proportion to the importance of the content.

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