10 Website Design Tools You Won't Believe Are Free

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Here is a list I have compiled of the top 10 best free website tools I have found on the Internet. In my opinion these tools are essential for anyone starting out in the web business and wants a head start. I have put them in order from most essential to least essential. But why not download them all. They are free after all!

  1. Wordpress - Quite simply the best free website blogger you will ever use. There are literally thousands of ready made themes available to choose from and the good news is you will be liked by Google in the natural listing. Use a hosting company with cPanel and install it with the click of a button.
  2. Joomla - Award winning Content Management System. Like Wordpress Joomla can be installed with the click of the mouse using cPanel also. Some stunning templates for truly professional looking websites. Try Rockettheme.com or Yootheme.com. A must have!
  3. Firefox Browser - Forget about Microsoft Explorer, this is the King of Browsers, especially if you want stats about your competition! Download plug-ins such as SEO4FireFox. You will wonder why you ever used Explorer after using this.
  4. Filezilla FTP Client - Forget all the other FTP clients out there. This is simplicity in itself. Another MUST HAVE tool! To upload your files you simply "drag-n-drop" from the left window to the right; and not one at a time either, this little baby will handle your whole directory at once!
  5. Google Keyword Tool (discontinued) - Want to know what everybody in your niche is typing into Google? Now you can and it's easy to use straight from the website. Find the best keywords to maximise your on-page SEO from the leading search engine giant.
  6. Kompozer (discontinued) - If you need an HTML editor for designing a few squeeze pages then this is the best free one I've found.
  7. Paint.net - Can't afford Photoshop! This is the next best thing and you've guessed...it's FREE! Edit all of your photos, design your logo for your website...even airbrush out your wrinkles! This is a great little package without the price tag.
  8. Inkscape - Design your company logo with this great FREE vector drawing package. Design logos, flyers, posters, even catalogues with another great piece of software
  9. Camstudio - Can't afford Ј200 for Camtasia, then give this freebie a try! You will be able to record your screen and talk at the same time to create some great little videos that you can then upload to YouTube. Perfect if your website traffic needs a little boost!
  10. FavIcon - Always wondered how the little icon before the http: got there? Here's how! It means "favourite icon" and you simply choose a photo or image, select the area you want to create as your favicon and the correct size and file type is automatically generated. Give it a try to make your site look professional.
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