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May 6, 2002

User Defined Splice function

Returns all previous character up to the pattern match
May 6, 2002

Rotating Images

Rotating Image and Dynamically Change the Link
May 6, 2002

Animated Text

Animate text using JavaScript
Apr 15, 2002

Finding a string inside a larger string

Explains how to find a string inside of a bigger string
Apr 8, 2002

Animated Buttons

A few more animated buttons using CSS, Javascript and DHTML to create new more interactive & cool Form Button controls. Remember the code is best suited for only IE-5.5 and above.
Apr 7, 2002

Fading Scrollbar

This code can be used to design a Fading Scrollbar, using CSS and JavaScript technology.
Apr 7, 2002

Animate Button

Following code is to develop different animated buttons using the tricks of CSS, Javascript and HTML. The code is effective for IE-5 and above. Developed by Peeyush Nigam (CEO-PARI WEB SERVICES?)
Apr 1, 2002

Browser Detect

Javascript to detect the browser being used to view your site
Mar 20, 2002

Add a Bookmark

Add a bookmark to the visitors Favourites folder in Internet Explorer
Mar 20, 2002

Number Validation

Use this function to validate a form field to only accepts numbers.
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