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Keyword distribution for SEO purposes at face value appears to be a simple concept. Distribute your selected keywords evenly across your site and wait for your ranking to rise! Unfortunately, like many things to do with SEO it's not quite that simple and many an individual misinterprets the basic principles or quite simply gets it wrong. Below is a small snap shot of some of the common mistakes and problems associated with keyword distribution and some suggested solutions:

  1. Bunching of keywords and high density of the same keyword can have a negative effect on your site as this can be interpreted as SPAM. Use common sense when distributing your chosen terms so the content reads well, makes sense and appears natural to the search engines.
  2. Poor quality, repetitive or just not enough content is bad and a common problem. A simple re-write of the content to improve flow and naturally include keywords helps the site appear less manufactured to visitors and search engine robots.
  3. Extremely competitive keywords can often be too expensive to pursue so are dismissed. Don't miss out on some bonus hits by including these terms in a 'FAQ' or 'About' pages. This will also help boost internal linking strategy.
  4. Not utilising long-tail keywords to draw secondary visits is a sin as not everyone searches for the same things under the same terms. Pick up extra visits by placing long-tail keywords in the main body as well as post titles, distributed PR and relevant image alt tags allowing your site to appear for alternatives.
  5. Missing out on opportunities to use keywords across the different facets of a site can quite often be a simple lack of planning. But why miss out on an opportunity, make sure your site has keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, H1 & H2, navigation, category names, post URL's and image alt tags to name but a few. Basically there are so many opportunities embedded within a site to distribute keywords there is no need to cram them in wherever possible.

In this article I have hoped to highlight just a few of the everyday mistakes associated with keyword distribution.

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