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What is HTML code obfuscation?

Generally, obfuscation is a set of transformations that preserve the code functionality while making the internals difficult to reverse-engineer. HTML code obfuscation usually used for hiding some content from search engines, e-mail harvesting software or unwanted eyes.

What is HTML Obfuscator used for?

This free tool can be useful if you want to hide some text in HTML. For example, it can help to protect your email addresses from spam by encoding mailto: links. It can also hide other personal data from parsing by automated web scraping programs.

What are the obfuscation methods?

Our online tool can obfuscate HTML using the following methods:

Every obfucation method adds its own code overhead: the most compact output is produced by the JavaScript method, code with character entities can be several times larger, and the third method is the most universal, but it produces the largest output. We encourage you to try all of them and choose the most appropriate one.

Is It Bullet Proof?

No. Please note that although this tool is able to hide information from simple e-mail harvesters and non-savvy users, it is not meant to be a solution with "unbreakable" protection, because every obfuscated code can be deobfuscated.

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