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Site Information Tool Firefox extension

Integrate Site Information Tool into your Mozilla Firefox browser with our extension!


This extension allows you to get the following information about any URL in Firefox:


Once installed, extension adds a menu item "Site Information" to the context menu (Item 1 on the following picture), and a "Site Information" button to the statusbar area (Item 2 on the picture).

If link is selected, context menu command will show information about this link. If there is no link selected, this command will show the information about the current page.

Status bar button shows the information about the current page loaded into your Firefox browser.

All the information is opened in the new tab.


Install v1.2 Now » (Firefox 1.5 or newer required)

Please restart Firefox after installing.

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To uninstall the extension, go to Tools -> Extensions and choose the "uninstall" button for the "Site Information Tool" extension.

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