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america.gov iconAmerica.gov is a fairly popular site with traffic ranks of 📈 #99,184 in the world and #37,343 in China. It has a medium pagerank of 4.5, which means that the website has a pretty good amount of backlinks.

The server is hosted by Amazon.com Inc. and associated with IP address

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Website overview

Hosted byAmazon.com Inc.
First archive date
21 Nov 2007 (14 years and 10 months ago)
Top visitor countryChina


Cloud servicesAmazon Web Services


Alexa Rank
99,184 down (-2,780 since 11 Aug 2022)
Open PageRank
4.54 PageRank 4PageRank 4 down (-0.37 since 12 Oct 2021)
Majestic rank
10,590 up (+34 since 1 Aug 2022)
Rank among .gov
259 down (-1 since 1 Aug 2022)
Umbrella rank
303,914 down (-260,122 since 31 Jul 2022)
Quantcast rank
49,682 (no change since 1 Mar 2020)
Historical PageRank
8 PageRank 8PageRank 8 (cached on 28 Dec 2009)

Linking information

Referring C subnets
5,394 down (-87 since 1 Aug 2022)
Referring IPs
7,713 down (-117 since 1 Aug 2022)

Estimated traffic

Daily visitors23.4K
Monthly visitors726.2K
Daily pageviews44.2K
Monthly pageviews1.37M


WOT Trustworthiness
WOT Child safety
Excellent (94)
Google Safe Browsing
McAfee WebAdvisor
CleanBrowsing Family Filter
Neustar Family Secure
OpenDNS FamilyShield
AdGuard Family
Yandex.DNS Family

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Domain whois

Domain Nameamerica.gov
Security Contact Email

Raw domain whois

% DOTGOV WHOIS Server ready
Domain Name: AMERICA.GOV
Status: ACTIVE
Security Contact Email:

>>> Last update of whois database: 2022-09-20T07:04:24Z <<<

Please be advised that this whois server only contains information pertaining
to the .GOV domain. For information for other domains please use the whois
server at RS.INTERNIC.NET.

IP whois

IP address34.236.181.236
Network Range34.192.0.0 -
Network NameAT-88-Z
OrganizationAmazon Technologies Inc.
Address410 Terry Ave N., Seattle, Washington, 98109, United States
Registered12 Sep 2016 (6 years ago)
Updated12 Sep 2016 (6 years ago)
CommentAll abuse reports MUST include:
* src IP
* dest IP (your IP)
* dest port
* Accurate date/timestamp and timezone of activity
* Intensity/frequency (short log extracts)
* Your contact details (phone and email) Without these we will be unable to identify the correct owner of the IP address at that point in time.
Abuse contactAmazon EC2 Abuse, +1-206-555-0000, email
NOC contactAmazon AWS Network Operations, +1-206-555-0000, email
Technical contactAmazon EC2 Network Operations, +1-206-555-0000, email

Subdomains (20)

  • share.america.gov iconshare.america.gov
  • blogs.america.gov iconblogs.america.gov
  • photos.america.gov iconphotos.america.gov
  • democracyphotochallenge.america.gov icondemocracyphotochallenge.america.gov
  • townhall.america.gov icontownhall.america.gov
  • m.america.gov iconm.america.gov
  • publications.america.gov iconpublications.america.gov
  • videochallenge.america.gov iconvideochallenge.america.gov
  • fpolicy.america.gov iconfpolicy.america.gov
  • uspolitics.america.gov iconuspolitics.america.gov
  • static.america.gov iconstatic.america.gov
  • techcamp.america.gov icontechcamp.america.gov
  • climate.america.gov iconclimate.america.gov
  • staticshare.america.gov iconstaticshare.america.gov
  • e.america.gov icone.america.gov
  • statictranslations.america.gov iconstatictranslations.america.gov
  • commons.america.gov iconcommons.america.gov
  • staticstatemag.america.gov iconstaticstatemag.america.gov
  • interactive.america.gov iconinteractive.america.gov
  • share.edit.america.gov iconshare.edit.america.gov

Server response data

Request URLhttp://america.gov/
ErrorOperation timeout


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