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rakuten-bank.co.jp iconRakuten-bank.co.jp is 16 years and 11 months old. It is the 📉4,179th most visited website in the world and the 292nd most visited website in Japan. It has a medium pagerank of 4.4, which means that the website has a pretty good amount of backlinks.

Requests are handled by the Apache web server, which is hosted by ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, located in Japan and associated with IP address

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Website overview

Owned by
Rakuten Bank Ltd.
Hosted byITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
Server locationJapan
Registration date
30 Jan 2006 (16 years and 11 months ago)
First archive date
15 Apr 2010 (12 years and 9 months ago)
Top visitor countryJapan


Web serversApache


Alexa Rank
4,179 up (+150 since 11 Dec 2022)
Open PageRank
4.38 PageRank 4PageRank 4 up (+0.34 since 19 Mar 2022)
Majestic rank
48,421 up (+1,311 since 1 Dec 2022)
Rank among .jp
867 up (+11 since 1 Dec 2022)
Umbrella rank
849,096 down (-31,124 since 1 Jul 2022)
Quantcast rank
149,871 (no change since 1 Mar 2020)
Historical PageRank
4 PageRank 4PageRank 4 (cached on 23 Mar 2011)

Linking information

Referring C subnets
2,125 down (-9 since 1 Dec 2022)
Referring IPs
5,182 up (+43 since 1 Dec 2022)

Estimated traffic

Daily visitors374.2K
Monthly visitors11.6M
Daily pageviews1.44M
Monthly pageviews44.59M


WOT Trustworthiness
WOT Child safety
Excellent (90)
Google Safe Browsing
McAfee WebAdvisor
CleanBrowsing Family Filter
Neustar Family Secure
OpenDNS FamilyShield
AdGuard Family
Yandex.DNS Family

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Whois lookup for rakuten-bank.co.jp

Domain Namerakuten-bank.co.jp
Name Servera1-134.akam.net, a12-67.akam.net, a2-64.akam.net, a22-65.akam.net, a3-66.akam.net, a7-67.akam.net
Registered Date30 Jan 2006 (16 years and 11 months ago)
Last Update31 Jan 2022, 16:08:52 (11 months and 28 days ago)
OrganizationRakuten Bank, Ltd.
Organization TypeCorporation
StateConnected (2023/01/31)

IP addresses

HostnameIP addressReverse DNS HostnameLocation
a184-29-161-108.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.comUnited States

IP whois lookup

IP address220.213.225.92
Network Range220.213.225.0/24
Network NameRBANK
OrganizationRakuten Bank, Ltd.
Assigned Date15 Mar 2016 (6 years and 10 months ago)
Last Update26 Sep 2019, 02:29:02 (3 years and 4 months ago)
OrganizationRakuten Bank, Ltd.
DivisionSystem Operation Department
Last Update5 Mar 2019, 04:23:05 (3 years and 10 months ago)
Parent Network
Network Range220.213.225.0 -
Network NameRBANK
DescriptionRakuten Bank, Ltd.
RemarksThis information has been partially mirrored by APNIC from
JPNIC. To obtain more specific information, please use the
JPNIC WHOIS Gateway at
http://www.nic.ad.jp/en/db/whois/en-gateway.html or
whois.nic.ad.jp for WHOIS client. (The WHOIS client
defaults to Japanese output, use the /e switch for English
Last Modified26 Sep 2019, 20:29:02 (3 years and 4 months ago)
Parent Network
Network Range220.208.0.0 -
Network NameJPNIC-NET-JP
DescriptionJapan Network Information Center
Admin Contact
Technical Contact
Japan Network Information Center, Uchikanda OS Bldg 4F, 2-12-6 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan, +81-3-5297-2311, email
Abuse ContactABUSE JPNICJP, Urbannet-Kanda Bldg 4F, 3-6-2 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan, ZZ, +81-3-5297-2311, email, email //Generated from irt object IRT-JPNIC-JP
Last Modified23 Jul 2020, 04:25:30 (2 years and 6 months ago)
Parent Network
Network Range220.0.0.0 -
Network NameAPNIC6
OrganizationAsia Pacific Network Information Centre
AddressPO Box 3646, South Brisbane, Queensland, 4101, Australia
Updated30 Jul 2010 (12 years and 5 months ago)
CommentThis IP address range is not registered in the ARIN database.
For details, refer to the APNIC Whois Database via
WHOIS.APNIC.NET or http://wq.apnic.net/apnic-bin/whois.pl
** IMPORTANT NOTE: APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry
for the Asia Pacific region. APNIC does not operate networks
using this IP address range and is not able to investigate
spam or abuse reports relating to these addresses. For more
help, refer to http://www.apnic.net/apnic-info/whois_search2/abuse-and-spamming
Abuse contact
Technical contact
APNIC Whois Contact, +61 7 3858 3188, email

Subdomains (7)

  • help.rakuten-bank.co.jp iconhelp.rakuten-bank.co.jp
  • fes.rakuten-bank.co.jp iconfes.rakuten-bank.co.jp
  • www.rakuten-bank.co.jp iconwww.rakuten-bank.co.jp
  • csf.rakuten-bank.co.jp iconcsf.rakuten-bank.co.jp
  • sapp.rakuten-bank.co.jp iconsapp.rakuten-bank.co.jp
  • aos.rakuten-bank.co.jp iconaos.rakuten-bank.co.jp
  • help-b.rakuten-bank.co.jp iconhelp-b.rakuten-bank.co.jp

Server response data

Request URLhttp://rakuten-bank.co.jp (HTTP/1.1, port 80)
Response code301 (Moved Permanently)
Response headers
dateSun, 29 Jan 2023 15:00:08 GMT
content-typetext/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Request URL (2)http://www.rakuten-bank.co.jp/ (HTTP/1.1, port 80)
ErrorOperation timeout


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Last Updated: 29 Jan 2023
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