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Enter the URL list to check PageRank below (one URL per line, up to 100 domains at once):

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How it works?

Simple. You enter the URLs (one URL per line), choose the sorting method (you can sort results by PageRank value in descending order, and by domain name in ascending order). The tool extracts the domain for each URL, removes duplicates and queries the PageRank database for every unique domain in the list. After that, the sorting is applied.

Is PageRank still relevant?

Google has stopped publication of PageRank data since March, 2016. But, it still calculates and uses PageRank internally, which was confirmed by a Google spokesperson and an updated PageRank algorithm patent. Although nowadays PageRank score has become less important as a single isolated metric, it is still a good measurement of a website's strength or for estimating search engine optimization (SEO) results.

What is the data source?

Since Google PageRank data is not published anymore, we provide you a modern Google PageRank alternative — Open PageRank. It is based on the backlinks data provided by Common Crawl and Common Search crawlers (more than 3 billion web pages indexed).

Google PageRank vs. Open PageRank

Google PageRank is calculated for every website page. Unlike Google PageRank, Open PageRank values are available for domains only and not for individual pages.

Also note that in many cases there is no calculated rank for "www.domain.com", but for "domain.com" only.

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