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ToolDate/Time Calculator

Calculate the time since or until a specified date, time difference between two dates or times, or add or subtract time interval.

What is Date/Time Calculator?

Our Date/Time Calculator is a free online tool that calculates dates and date intervals and allows:

Any real-world examples?

How to use

To calculate the difference between two dates and/or times of day, enter a date and/or time into the fields above in almost any conventional date/time format.

The default time zone is UTC (Universal Coordinated Time, GMT).

This calculator can be used to add or subtract two time values. The first date can be left blank, which will be taken as "Now" by default. In the second field you can enter any date, time, or interval addition or substraction, for example "+180 days", "-6 month", "+38 weeks", "36 hours", etc.

Usage cases

Some usage cases our calculator is useful for:

What datetime formats are supported?

The calculator can handle almost any date/time format, including:

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